Vikings vs Texans Live

The Minnesota Vikings at Houston Texans both looked to be well on their way to a big win, but an injury to one of the best offensive players in the game have put the San Francisco wins out of reach. It will be interesting to see if this can keep the rivalry alive or if it can get even more heated.

Minnesota Vikings at Houston Texans – NFL 2020

The Arizona Cardinals looked like they would cruise to a victory in their homecoming game against the San Francisco 49ers. Arizona had plenty of speed and seemed to be the favorite going into the game. Both teams were going to play a great game and the game looked as though it would be a long game. After all, each team had some top notch players.

On the day, neither team had much success on the offensive side of the ball and did not have a decent passing attack, so what happened? The main culprit was the inability of the Arizona Cardinals pass rush. That is right, no pressure, no nothing. This was quite the oversight by the coaching staff, but it did nothing to slow down the San Francisco offense or prevent them from running their offense into the ground.

One interesting thing to see with the San Francisco offense will be how well Trent Edwards plays in his NFL 2020 debut. Edwards is one of the best running quarterbacks in the NFL today and the Niners must have thought the playoffs were coming for him. This is why he will get the start against the Cardinals, but that will not stop them from getting a good overall performance against the Arizona Cardinals offense.

The Arizona Cardinals offense is a very efficient unit with an amazing quarterback and talented receivers. Arizona will have to continue to prove they can defend their quarterback and pass rush. As long as the Niners don’t run the ball at all, this looks to be another great game for the Arizona Cardinals.

The Arizona Cardinals looks to be the favorites to win their first NFL title in franchise history and have a lot of momentum heading into Super Bowl 50. This will be an exciting game between two great teams looking to win their first NFL championship. The Arizona Cardinals are going to win their first Super Bowl and take home Super Bowl MVP honors.

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